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OFFICIAL RESULT!! PHUENSUM WEEKLY LOTTERY January, 2024 DRAW No. 35 Draw date 11012024
Bhutan Lottery
Every day of the week, One times a Week, the Bhutan Lottery provides with the opportunity to win up to Rs. 5 lakh. Weekly draws for the Bhutan weekly Lottery award thousands of dollars in rewards. Discover more information about the Bhutan Lotterynews.com and view the most recent winning numbers by visiting the Bhutan  Lottery Results page.
Draw Schedule
First Prize of Rs. 5 lakh is up for grabs in the Bhutan  Weekly Lottery. Every Thursday at 3;00 pm has a distinct name for the draws. For instance, the draws on  Thursday  are referred to as Future Brook, the draws on Monday as Future Stream, and so forth. Each draw’s name and draw date are listed in the table below.

Draw Name

Draw Day

Rules for Bhutan Lottery.

1. This lottery is floated by the Government of Bhutan under delegation of the Executive powers of
the Ministry of Home Affairs. Govt. of Bhutan 

2. The Details of Prize Structure are as under:







The Scheme we have  ticket numbering
10000 to 59999
totaling 50000 tickets.
4. The draw will be held out of the total scheme and the prizes shall be drawn on a proportionate basis.
5. The price of each ticket will be Rs 50 The cost of the ticket includes fees for right of participate in the draw and contribution towards
prize funds.
6.  The Claim for all the prize-winning tickets above Rs. 10,000/-should reach the office of the
Director of Bhutan Lottery, along with original prize-winning tickets, with 2 passport
size photograph, Pan Card, and proper resident proof , within 30 days from the date of draw and publication of the results, The Director may, after 30 days
but before the expiry of 30 days from the date of the draw, entertain a claim if he is satisfied that the delay in
claiming the prize amount is for reasons beyond the control of the claimant. The T.D.S. on prizes will be
deducted at the source while making the payment.
7.  The selected Distributor will be authorized by the Government of Bhutan to make arrangements
 for payment of prize amount up to Rs. 10,000/- to the prize winners on behalf of the Government of Bhutan
 within 30 Days from the date of draw publication of the results and on presentation of a genuine original prize-winning ticket
8.  Before taking delivery of the tickets, the stockiest/agents/sellers/buyers shall ensure that each ticket book contains the
correct number of tickets and has no defect either in printing or in numbering. If any such defect is
noticed, he/she shall immediately return the ticket(s) and get in exchange the correct numbered and
printed book/ticket as the case may be. Under no circumstances stockiest/agents/sellers/buyers 
sell/buy any defective ticket and responsibility for any dispute arising due to non-compliance with these
requirements will wholly rest on him. The liability of the State/Sole-Distributor Printing Press is limited to
the exchange of the defective tickets only
9. The agent and seller are advised to check the correctness of the printing and numbering of the tickets while selling or purchasing.
The defective tickets should immediately be returned to the issuing authority
10. The payment of prize money shall be as per the provisions of the Rules All prize winners shall be paid in Bhutan currency.
There shall not be any joint claim on any prize amount. One ticket shall be eligible for only one prize, whichever is higher.
11. The prize amount for any prize-winning ticket against which a case is filed in any court of law or is the subject matter
under investigation by (police or income tax authority) shall not be paid unless such case is settled.
12. A ticket that is forged, torn, mutilated, or tampered with shall be rejected except in cases where it is
possible to verify the genuineness of the ticket Only if, during the verification, it is found that the ticket
genuine, the prize amount shall be disbursed. The claim shall be rejected if the genuineness of the ticket
cannot be established in such cases, the decision of the 
Government of Bhutan
Bhutan shall be final and binding on the claimant and the Distributor
13. The government reserves the right to change the Date and time of the draw.
14.  Any legal proceedings relating to any terms and conditions of the tender and the lottery tickets, and
the conduct of the Bhutan Lottery, and the rights and liabilities of the selected Distributor and the Government
of Bhutan exclusively within the jurisdiction of Bhutan irrespective of the points of sale of Bhutan Lottery tickets.
15. The draws shall be held as per the procedure prescribed in the Rules at any public place located within Bhutan
in the presence of the Draw Committee appointed by the Government.
16.  No Draw shall be held on National Holidays Le. 26th day January, 15th August and 2nd October.
17. The result of the draws shall be published by the Director of Bhutan Lottery, the Official Gazette of the Government of www.https://corp.bll.bt/
18. The lottery tickets are not sold in “Lottery free Zone” areas of the States Lottery, Shong of Union Territories.
19. All prizes are guaranteed by the Government of Bhutan, Department of State Lotteries, Shill. 

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